Michelle Becker


Michelle Becker

Michelle Becker

Phone: M: (615) 335-5602 (615) 335-5602 mobile
Phone: O: (615) 974-3948 ext 31 (615) 974-3948 ext 31 office
Office: Exit Realty East Nashville
5003 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN 37216

When we see an expert do something, it looks effortless until we try to replicate the same skill or activity! We all quickly find out that the apparent ease of their performance comes from many long hours of hard work that resulted in mastering that particular skill.


In light of that, my goal is to be an expert in what I do and make the real estate experience as effortless as possible for my clients, allowing YOU to focus on YOUR goals and priorities.


I have lived in Nashville for over two decades and love this city, with all her quirks and growing pains! I am passionate about continual learning in all areas of my life and I love helping people.


How can I help you achieve your next goal or write your next chapter or song?